• Jul 23, 2020

Norris Tolson, President and CEO of the Carolinas Gateway Partnership, told the Telegram that Triangle still has plans to build here.

“The last time I talked with them, they told me that they are still coming to Kingsboro,” he said. “They said that when the trade issues settle down, they will get (construction) started.”

Tolson pointed out that Triangle had paid their taxes on the 400 acres owned by the company.

“They paid that bill and they’ve requested the county to send them this year’s bill,” he said.

Tolson said he has no reason to doubt Triangle’s plans and noted there was a great deal of interest and activity at the 1,449-acre Kingsboro site, which now is being marketed as the Kingsboro Business Park.

He said he believes the decisions made by Corning (800,000-square-foot warehouse) and Triangle to locate in Kingsboro stems from the success in attracting the CSX Carolina Connector, a 350-acre intermodal facility built on what commonly is known as the CSX A-line north of Rocky Mount in Edgecombe County and capable of handling 100,000 containers annually on three cranes.

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Article written by Rocky Mount Telegram Staff Writer, John H. Walker