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Logistical operations that place the world within your reach. 

The Carolina Connector Intermodal Terminal and the North Carolina Logistics Highway take your goods wherever they need to go, whenever they need to go. With access to land, sea and air, you the Carolinas Gateway region can be your access to North American and beyond. 

The CSX Carolina Connector provides intermodal rail service with best-in-class transit times as well as daily service for boxcar, tanker and general carbo services. Positioned to reach more than 5 million consumers within a 120-mile radius, the Carolina Connector is located five miles off I-95 and 60 miles northwest of the state’s capital of Raleigh. It is within a two-hour drive of the NC Ports.

The North Carolina Logistics Highway is an innovative collaboration between land, sea and air to put the world within your reach. The NC, SC, GA, and VA Ports, the NC Global TransPark, and the CSX Carolina Connector Intermodal join forces to open endless logistical opportunities and to take your products as far as they need to go.

Visit Carolina Connector Intermodal Terminal and North Carolina Logistics Highway to learn more about how these transit options can work for you.

Logistics Partners

Carolina Connector Intermodal


Global Transpark


Where you want, when you want, and at a reasonable rate. 

You can rely on North Carolina’s Logistics Highway. In today’s complex world of both international and domestic logistics, trying to get your products swiftly and economically from point A to point B can be challenging. But if you rely on the North Carolina Logistics Highway, you’ll be heading on the right road. 

Whether you use truck, train, ship or plane, it’s easier going when you go with us to all of the metropolitan markets in North America. 

Watch this video to learn more about the partners of the North Carolina Logistics Highway in the Carolinas Gateway region.

your gateway to north america and beyond.