Workforce is a key element of you and your client’s business. Workforce availability and training is a priority for the Carolinas Gateway Partnership.

Edgecombe Community College President, Dr. Greg McLeod, interviewed with Spokesperson for Carolinas Gateway Partnership, Jean Kitchin on Workforce Development.

RAMP East, also known as the Regional Advanced Manufacturing Pipeline for Eastern North Carolina, includes eight community colleges and two workforce development boards in a 10-county region. This unprecedented multi-county marketing and recruiting initiative has been launched to help get people into training situations to secure good-paying jobs. For more information, go to

NC Community College System

More than 30 years ago, North Carolina created a new kind of economic development tool — company-specific customized training. North Carolina was the first state to recognize that training people for specific jobs in specific companies was a legitimate enterprise for a responsible and responsive government. No state has more experience in providing customized training. NC pioneered the nation’s first customized training program in 1958, and since has provided customized training for thousands of companies in almost every industrial category. The state’s history in initiating customized training is noteworthy because it served as the framework from which the current North Carolina Community College System was built. This heritage influences the state’s community colleges today, as they are widely recognized as the most industry training-focused community college system in the nation.

The North Carolina Community College System’s Customized Training Program is designed specifically to assist industries in workforce training. All training programs are administered by the community college serving the area in which the company is located. In Edgecombe and Nash Counties, that service is provided by Edgecombe Community College, with campuses in Tarboro and Rocky Mount, and Nash Community College with a campus in Nashville.

This local one-on-one connection guarantees constant attention and prompt response. Experienced and project-tested professionals help the local college design and operate customized training programs. The versatility of the Colleges’ workforce training service is virtually unlimited. Flexible and custom-designed training programs can accommodate almost any job found in a manufacturing or service company. If a job can be defined and arranged into a logical learning sequence, then Edgecombe Community College and Nash Community College can train people for it.

Customized Training Programs

To learn more about the Customized Training Programs available in our area, see the links below:


“The Customized Training Program has been an asset to our company and has aided tremendously in the effective development of our workforce.”

Gail Minchew

Training Coordinator, Keihin Carolina System Technology, LLC

“It has been a pleasure working with Edgecombe Community College. The staff is very accommodating and knowledgeable. They worked with us to schedule as many classes as possible. This is a challenge, especially with our schedule.”

Charles Gilmore

Maintenance Training Supervisor, Sara Lee Frozen Bakery

“Educational partnerships have proven valuable to Draka’s operations. We get a lot of support from local colleges.”

Sterrett Lloyd

President, Draka Elevator Products