building a workforce pipeline 

A community committed to building a workforce pipeline through recruiting, training, and development is part of the benefits of partnering with the Carolinas Gateway. 

Recruiting, training, and developing workforce talent is critical to North Carolina’s economic growth. Edgecombe County, Rocky Mount and Tarboro, three entities located in Eastern North Carolina have all of the elements necessary — natural resources, location, highways, education system, local government leaders’ commitment, and others — to sustain economic growth. It also provides the resources and tools required for the workforce to meet the needs of employers in a rapidly changing economy. 

Eastern North Carolina recognizes that there is an evolution of individuals needed to fill existing jobs and new jobs in business and industry. Partnerships between educational institutions and local industries ensure that training programs bridge the gap between the high school/college educated and the workforce ready. 

Building a workforce pipeline to fill current and future jobs requires the collaboration of multiple partners: education systems, local and State governments, local and regional economic developmenbt boards, local and State workforce development agencies, and businesses and industries. All parties work individually and collectively to produce a trainined workforce, leading the region in economic growth. 

Edgecombe County and the surrounding area, including a sixty-mile radius, pulls its talent pool from more than 2.2 million people. Currently, more than 1.1. million people constitute the labor force, according to the NC Department of Commerce, with more than 84,000 working in the manufacturing sector and more than 64,000 working in automotive-related industries. 


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