Construction of the future CSX intermodal facility is on schedule to be complete by the end of the year.

That is what state Transportation Department spokesman Andrew Barksdale told the Telegram in response to recent written questions about the project across U.S. 301 from N.C. Wesleyan College.

The future CSX facility, which also is called the Carolina Connector, will be a place for freight trains to arrive, with the freight to be off-loaded onto other trains or trucks for distribution.

Construction began in August and about 40 to 60 workers are at the site at any given time, Barksdale said.

Presently, work is occurring throughout the future terminal site and along the CSX main line north and south of the site, Barksdale said.

The plan is to complete the project in three phases.

The first phase calls for rough grading, drainage work and construction of utility services. Rough grading generally means smoothing out large piles of dirt and filling in holes.

The second phase calls for the final smoothing of the land, as well as paving and constructing the tracks.

The third phase calls for constructing the buildings and cranes and doing the final landscaping.

Milord Co. is the prime contractor, with six to nine subcontractors working to complete construction at the terminal site, Barksdale said.

Polivka is the prime contractor for construction of the rail line, Barksdale said. And work on the rail bedding is in progress, Barksdale said.

The project is costing $158.1 million, with $118.1 million of funding coming via the state Transportation Department and CSX paying the remaining $40 million.

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Article written by Rocky Mount Telegram Staff Writer, William F. West