Food Processing

Did you know? One hundred percent of all Jimmy Dean biscuits are made in the Town of Tarboro at Sara Lee Frozen Bakery. 

The Carolinas Gateway region is known as the “Sweet Spot” for major food processing companies. From frozen foods to cheesecake, the region is an ideal location to connect products to major markets around the world.

Sara Lee Frozen Bakery and The Cheesecake Factory are two of the food processing companies located here. 

International companies have found their way to the region, too. Italian headquartered Nutkao selected the region for its manufacturing plant in 2013.

Why do the top food processors around the globe pick the Twin Counties Region? The region’s award winning water quality, excess capacity of water and wastewater, and an abundance of skilled workers in the industry. All of this and more give companies a delicious advantage to grow and prosper.

Companies are choosing the carolinas gateway region.