Brewing & Distilling

The Twin Counties is home to many great craft brewers that are well known throughout the state for their tasty beverages. These breweries reflect the local flavor of our vibrant community. Many of the brewers are located in a one of a kind brewery incubator on the campus of Rocky Mount Mills. This restored cotton mill along the falls of the Tar River is also home to Class A office space, residences, restaurants, and a tiny house hotel. The 82-acre campus showcases a bold approach to historic preservation that honors the past while also breathing new life into this storied place. It’s a place to wander, to explore and be surprised — come grab a pint and be part of our story here in the Twin Counties.


The region’s brewing and distilling presence is CRAFTED by:

Hopfly Brewing

HopFly Brewing creates beers that are bold yet approachable, beer for every adventure! Triangle native, Cameron Schulz has relocated to Rocky Mount to create HopFly Brewing Company. Come experience North Carolina’s newest brewery at Rocky Mount Mills!

Tarboro Brewing Company

Tarboro Brewing Company’s brewery is located in Tarboro and there newest location is in Rocky Mount called TBC West located at Rocky Mount Mills Campus. Tarboro Brewing Company loves beer and wants to make our wonderful communities a popular place to visit and live.  

Harlem Brew South

Rocky Mount Brewery offers Spaceway and Harlem Brew South beers. Together, we brew signature craft recipes that celebrate the living culture and history of Rocky Mount.

Spaceway Brewing

Rocky Mount Brewery offers Spaceway and Harlem Brew South beers. Together, we brew signature craft recipes that celebrate the living culture and history of Rocky Mount.

Koi Pond Brewing Company

After years of home-brewing, I always dreamed of sharing my beer with more people as a professional brewer. I have honed recipes by sharing beers with enthusiasts and using their comments and suggestions and working them into my beers. I use local, seasonal ingredients to showcase NC’s rich agricultural heritage whenever I can. 


The Bull Durham Beer Co. family is a team of craft brew experts creating knockout beers just feet from home plate in Durham and also along the Tar River in Rocky Mount. 

BDD Brewing Company

BDD is not just the acronym for the drunken mumblings of an inebriated Sasquatch, and it’s not just the name of a brewery. It’s a lifestyle. A lifestyle of responsibility, a lifestyle of service, but most importantly, a lifestyle of fun.

Planetary Elixirs

Planetary Elixirs are brewed with botanical infusions and fermented with champagne yeasts to produce a lightly carbonated soft drink.  We use the highest quality of ingredients available to create these unique flavors combinations. Serve as a refreshing non-alcoholic beverage with your meals or splash into your favorite cocktail.

Brewing Workforce Training PROGRAM

To help create a strong workforce for the brewing and distilling industry, Nash Community College has a unique brewing training program located on the Rocky Mount Mills campus.

Nash 360º Brewing is designed to prepare individuals for various careers in the brewing, distillation and fermentation industry. course work in brewing, distillation, and fermentation includes production, operations, safety and sanitation, and associated process technologies.

Click here to learn more about available space for brewing at Rocky Mount Mills.

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